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                CH   |   EN
                Tiny, Low Power Solutions Cypress’s Energy Harvesting PMIC portfolio offers breakthrough low quiescent and start up current requirements that enable compact energy harvesting systems.
                Cypress’s Automotive PMIC portfolio provides stable and reliable power for ECUs, and offers enhanced functionality for Instrument Cluster, ADAS and Body Control systems.
                Realize Compact and Low Power System Cypress standard PMICs reduce system power consumption and components area by multiple power rail, software communication interface and high switching...
                Highly integrated, cost effective dimmable LED lighting drive ICs.
                Simple and High reliability Cypress's Voltage Supervisor ICs provide functional safety system design for automotive, industrial and medical application system supervising system power rail and...
                High Safety Li-ion battery charge Cypress's battery charge controller ICs realize high accuracy voltage and current control for Li-ion battery charging with wide-input voltage
                Jump start power system design and speed time to market Cypress’s web-based Easy DesignSim™ simulation and verification tool offers users an automated way to quickly iterate their analog...

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