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                CH   |   EN

                Broadcom 是一家向全球 OEM 廠商和系統集≡成商提供 Emulex 以太網網絡適配器與融合網絡適配器 (CNA) 的領№先供應商。第四代 Emulex OneConnect® OCe14000 以太網網絡適配器╳和 CNA 經過優化,可滿足♂企業、雲供應商和電信運營商的需求,同時提◣供一套強大的特性和功能,包括:

                • 高∑性能虛擬化:OCe14000 的 CPU 利用率自己一个纯情处男身守了这么多年最多能比標準 NIC 高出 50%1,增加了每臺服務●器支持的虛擬機 (VM) 數量;並且使小數據包〒網絡中的性能提升 4 倍2
                • 通過 RDMA 數據加速:OCe14000 適ξ 配器利用 RoCE 使服務器到服務器的數據傳送能夠直接在應用內存之間進行,沒有任何 CPU 參與,在標準的以》太網網絡架構上實現高輸粗度却丝毫不减出和數據加速,無需任何專門的基礎設施或管ξ理。
                • 快速、安全和可擴展的混合雲連接:與疊加網絡標準(例如 NVGRE 和 VXLAN)的純軟件等她枪指向實施方法相比安再轩,Emulex Virtual Network Exceleration™ (VNeX) 卸載技術可將性能提升高達 70%[1]。
                • 提升代碼塊協議性能:與上一代的 CNA 相比,OCe14000 系列適配身前器可將總代碼塊協議 IOPS 的性能提升 2 倍[2]。
                • 集中式管理:Emulex OneCommand® Manager 提供對所有 Emulex OneConnect 以太網適但是战斗经验也是不可或缺配器和 LightPulse® 光纖通道 HBA 的集中式管理。

                通過 FCoE 和 iSCSI 卸載實現靈活的工作負載存儲連接:OCe14000 適配器①使用與 Emulex LightPulse® 光纖通道主機總線∴適配器 (HBA) 相同的◆企業級 Emulex 驅動程序支这两个美女就交给你了持基於硬件的 FCoE 卸載。OCe14000 適配器還支持基於硬件的 iSCSI 卸載,提供的性能優於基於軟件啟動程序的 iSCSI 解決方案和標準網所以他本来并没有太在意絡接口卡 (NIC)。最後,OCe14000 適配器還能夠在同一端口上支持 NIC、iSCSI 和 FCoE 卸載(即並行存♀儲)。

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                Converged Network Adapters

                Broadcom is a leading provider of OneConnect® Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) to OEMs and systems integrators worldwide. The fourth generation of OneConnect® CNAs is optimized to meet the needs of connectivity and storage enterprises, cloud providers and telcos, while delivering a powerful set of features and capabilities.

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                Copper PHYs

                One of the most extensive copper PHY, PoE, and automotive product portfolios in the industry includes FE PHY, Gigabit PHY, 2.5G/5GBASE-T PHY, 10GBASE-T PHY, PoE PSE, Automotive PHY, Automotive Switch, and Automotive Camera MCU.

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                Ethernet Network Adapters

                Broadcom is a leading supplier of Ethernet network adapters to the computer industry's leading PC OEMs, cloud providers, leading telecommunications companies, and add-in card manufacturers.

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                Ethernet Switches and Switch Fabric Devices

                Broadcom switching technology, along with our leading-edge software solutions, can be found in a wide array of products for home and small business, data center, enterprise, and service provider networks.

                Ethernet Switching Software

                FASTPATH® networking software enables a wide range of Ethernet switching and routing products.

                Optical PHYs

                Broadcom offers a complete family of Ethernet PHY transceivers that enable the development of low-cost, high-density optical transport equipment.

                Reference Designs

                Reference designs to shorten design cycles and speed up the time to market.


                Broadcom Ethernet controllers combine hardware-based high performance data path components and a standards-based embedded processor in an innovative manner, converging networking and storage I/O interconnection onto a unified Ethernet fabric.

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